Skytec Group Ltd. is an international investment company, specializing in consumer electronics and technology investments and ventures. The company has an excellent track record of successfully growing and exiting start-up ventures, as well as restructuring and relaunching brands to meet the needs of the modern consumer. The company makes investments across Europe, CIS and Asia and utilizes the talents of proven specialists in their respective fields.
Almost 100 years, Germany has boasted LOEWE, the most exquisite yet understated entertainment systems designer for televisions. Renowned for its accuracy in manufacturing, LOEWE has a staggering track record of 'firsts' throughout its history: development of the triple tube used in the Loewe OE333 radio receiver, the first stereo color TV and one of the first flat-screen televisions in 1998. The takeover is an exciting new chapter for extraordinary developments.
Skytec Group aquired Loewe brand
Strategic alliance between SHARP and Skytec UMC (subsidiary of Skytec Group) started in 2014 and developed to a purchase of UMC 100% share by SHARP in 2019.
Strategic alliance
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